About Me


About Me

I’m a widely published writer and author with an insatiable wanderlust and passion for all things countryside, wildlife, nature and history. I have written for guidebook, magazine and online media publishers, created and edited my own publication Explore Mallorca Magazine, and authored six travel books including my latest; Ultimate Record-Breaking Destinations: The World’s Largest, Highest and Most Extreme Places for New Holland Publishers (due out in early 2015). I am a journalist, author, researcher, editor, long-standing member of the British Guild of Travel Writers and am signed to Hardman & Swainson Literary Agency.

Born to two globe-trotting parents, travel seemed to come as second nature to me and my journeys have taken me from the Northern Lights of the Arctic to the wild lands of Patagonia to the remote islands of Palau. I have inter-railed through Europe, canoed the Swedish lakes, travelled the length and breadth of South and Central America, cruised the Mediterranean aboard luxury superyachts and camel-trekked the North African deserts. Whether it’s a camping weekend close to home or an epic adventure to exotic destinations, my love of natural history more often than not drives my travel choices, and I have been in search of bears in Alaska, capybara in Brazil’s Pantanal, whale sharks in Honduras and ibex in Israel. After years living in the Middle East, China, Central America and Spain, I have finally returned to the British countryside with my husband and collection of foreign pets.

Most of what you’ll find on this website is about travel, wildlife, the countryside and Mediterranean living, ranging from far-flung Palau’s underwater world to the Somerset Levels on the doorstep. While I travel a lot, I have also lived in five countries on four continents, from the metropolis of Beijing to ever-fascinating Israel to the miniature tropical paradise of Utila, Honduras.

If you would like to discuss any commissions, editorial projects, photo sourcing requirements or copywriting services then please do get in touch.

Not only does Samantha have the ability to get to the heart of her subject matter and write about it in an engaging and informative way, she is a true professional. A joy to work with.

- Joanna Swainson, literary agent at Hardman & Swainson

- What I Can Offer

If you're an editor, publisher, media producer, PR agent or travel operator then please do get in touch! We can discuss commissions, features, research projects, digital content, editing and project management services. Together we can brainstorm exciting and creative new ideas.

+ Non-Fiction Books

I have authored or contributed to over 10 non-fiction travel books and delight in the challenge of a gritty, well-researched book project. I can develop creative and inspirational new ideas; add an authoritative voice to publications; research and write factually accurate and insightful guidebooks; source beautiful and inspirational images.

+ Feature Writing & Digital Content

I can write sharp, savvy, topical features, round-ups and columns on a variety of topics including; Travel (Independent, Budget, Luxury, Active, Intrepid, Weekend Breaks, Living Abroad, Working Abroad and more); Countryside; Wildlife & Natural History; Outdoor Sports; Superyachts (Yachts, indutsry news, cruising grounds). I can source beautiful images to illustrate any feature. In addition I can produce topical, readable, usable and engaging digital content features - blog posts - website copy - other online material.

+ Research

I am available for film and television research projects and can produce factually accurate, on-time and editorially creative work.

+ Copywriting Services

I can produce concise, witty and creative marketing materials - for both print and online - for travel and superyacht businesses including; press releases - website copy - brochures - flyers and catalogues - blogs.

+ Press Trips

I can visit a destination, try out a new tour or review a hotel, restaurant, spa, winery and write about it. I'm happy to hike mountains, canoe rivers, sleep in treehouses or huskyride the Arctic!

+ Personal Appearances

I can provide insightful comment on travel, wildlife, the countryside and outdoor activities. I have appeared as a guest speaker on BBC Radio 4's Excess Baggage programme and Isles of Scilly radio.

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Bradt Travel Guides
JetAway In-Flight Magazine
SuperYacht Owner's Guide

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